नेपाल पर्यटन वर्ष २०२० कसरी सफल पार्न सकिन्छ ? आखिर कस्तो निबन्ध लेखिन् त सुनिताले ? हेर्नुहोस्

 झापाको बिर्तामोडमा रहेको थ्री बिज एजुकेशन एण्ड भिषा सभिसेज कन्सल्टेन्सीले आयोजना गरेको जिल्ला स्तरीय निबन्ध लेखन प्रतियोगितामा मेची मल्टिपल कलेजकी छात्रा सुनिता बुढाथोकी प्रथम भएकी छन् । उनले लेखेको निबन्ध जस्ताको त्यस्तै 

How can we make Visit Nepal 2020 successful?

Visit Nepal 2020 is a special campaign which is going to be held in 2020 to attract more tourists in Nepal. It is the responsibility of each and every Nepali to make it successful and memorable. We can’t make it successful just by carrying all eggs in one basket and depending on one factor only. Rather, all factors should be given equal importance. If we can make Visit Nepal 2020 successful, it can contribute a lot in the economic development of the country.

          We can’t deny the fact that Nepal is blessed by nature. So, tourism industry has a great scope here. Regarding this, various events were held in 1998 and 2011 too. Visit Nepal was going to be held in 2018 but due to various reasons, it was postponed to 2020. Nepal is a paradise on Earth. Tourists will be able to see paradise before death if they visit Nepal. We have Mt. Everest, 8848m, the tallest mountain in the world. They can conquer the top of the world by climbing Mt. Everest. We have Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

          Kumari, the only living goddess in the world is also in our country. Likewise, Nepal is only the country in the world with non-rectangular flag. We have different varieties of birds and animals. We have beautiful rivers, lakes, temples, mountains, etc. Similarly, we have different culture and tradition. Our art and architecture is also famous all of the world. We ‘Nepali’ are known as the ‘Bir Gorkhalis’ all over the world. First of all, awareness should be created in Nepali people about Visit Nepal 2020. There are many people in remote areas who even don’t know the meaning of it. Different programmes can be conducted to create awareness and to make it successful too at the same time.

       The next factor which is needed to make this campaign successful is advertisement. This is 21st century and advertisement plays a vital role. Most of the people use social media. We can attract people all over the world by using social media. We can upload different photos and videos of beautiful places of Nepal. We can also show how other tourists enjoy here and have good time. We also can do advertisement in television, radio, newspaper, etc.

     Political instability also should be removed. These days ,strikes and chaos create difficulty. We should try to control these strikes and chaos in order to make this campaign successful. Tourists shouldn’t bear any kind of difficulty due to these strikes and chaos. Similarly, Nepal alsp faced earthquake in the past. We should try to repair the damaged parts. Many tourists get scared to come Nepal after the earthquake. We should try to create such a environment which will make Nepal a safe country to travel. They shouldn’t have the feeling that Nepal is still damaged and affected by earthquake.

           In the same way, hospitality is very essential. We should respect and love tourists like our brothers and sisters. We shouldn’t treat them like Muslim, Christian, American, Indian, black, white, etc. We should help the as much as we can. Good airports should be established. We can also give them some discount in flight tickets, hotel charges, etc. We can improve the infrastructures of development like transportation, communication, electricity, drinking water facilities, etc. Tourists have the habit in living with high facilities and infrastructures. They will be unhappy to get poor facilities here. We can’t give them the same infrastructures which they enjoy there but at least, we can’t stop trying to give our best of what we have.

       Likewise, we should also try to establish good hotels and lodges in Nepal which can give good services to them. The government of Nepal should also try to establish good relations with the foreign countries. In the past, we have heard the news of stealing, rape, murder of the tourists. These inhuman activities shouldn’t be repeated again. Good security should be provided to the tourists, especially the girls. Strict rules and regulations should be made so that nobody can even imagine of doing these criminal activities. They should feel themselves safe anywhere they go inside Nepal. Special training can be given to the trekking guides. They can learn good English so that they can easily communicate with the tourists. The tourists will face difficulty if the trekking guides can’t understand what they say to them. So, training is a must. Next important thing is clean environment. We should make Nepal a clean country to visit. We should try to make the proper disposal of garbages. Tourists come from countries which are very clean. A dirty and polluted environment will create a very bad image in the mind of tourists. We should make the tourist areas clean and free from pollution.

          There are many beautiful places in Nepal which are still hidden. Those places also can be made tourist spots. Tourists can explore our flora and fauna. They can feel the reasons behind saying Nepal a beautiful country. Once they come here, they should have the desire of coming back again. They will also spread the message to other tourists there. After, hearing good aspects of Nepal, the number of tourists entering Nepal will increase. Tourism industry can support a lot in developing country like ours. Different job opportunities will be created. They will spend their foreign currency in Nepal which will improve the economy of our country.

       Nepal aims of bringing maximum tourists in Nepal. Visit Nepal 2020 has that purpose. Is it the responsibility of our government only to make it successful? Is it the responsibility of Tourism board only? No, it isn’t. We, Nepalese have a very bad habit on depending others. Whatever happens, we point to the government .We blame the government. We fold our hands and say that it is the work of government in whatever tasks we see. Similarly, we also have the concept that visit Nepal 2020 is all about tourism industry. So, it is their responsibility. Tourism Board has to make it successful at any cost. This is totally a false concept.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  We are Nepali people and our country is Nepal. We are so lucky that we are getting an opportunity to be living inside such a beautiful Country .As Nepal is giving much to us, we should also try to give much to Nepal. We should give our 100%in the development of the country. If our country gets developed, we get developed. Our country is our identity. We remain only if Nepal remains. Don’t we have the desires to make our country developed? Yes, we have. We want to see our country as the most developed country in the world. Tourism industry can become the backbone of development for our country. We should take the proper advantage of natural beauty of Nepal

Nepal is an incredible country. The people here are incredible. Tourist should get all their expectation when they come here. Film industry is a great platform which can attract people’s mind. Celebrities can actively participate in promoting Visit Nepal 2020. We can make songs, dramas, short movies e.t.c. for the promotion. Different programmes can be conducted to promote it. We also have many Nepali people living in foreign countries. They can be the main heroes in promoting this campaign. They can conduct many programmes which the foreigners can directly see them live in their country. Nepali people in foreign countries can convince those foreigners about visiting beautiful country, Nepal. We can say that Nepal can do trekking, paragliding, rafting, bungy jumping e.t.c.

They can also visit various temples here. They can know about the historical and religious places of Nepal at the same time. They can also learn about our cultures and tradition too. The more number of tourists enter Nepal, the more amount of foreign currency enters too. We are in 2018 now and we still have long duration of time to reach 2020.We should give our best in this campaign. There is also a saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” In the same way, we can’t make Visit Nepal 2020 successful in one day only. It needs continuous effort, dedication and passion in the duration of time we have. We all Nepali people should join hands and be one and support the government and tourism industry. If we try, nothing is impossible. If we Nepali people give our best, we can make Visit Nepal 2020 successful and memorable one which will contribute in the economic development of our country. We can make it the best event ever.

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