Sostika Poudle

Nepal is a country in small geography area but it has multi-culture, religion, norms, values, customs and traditions. There is saying of prithivi Narayan shah “we are the garland of four caste and thirty-six subcaste”. While taking about some present context of Nepal, mainly the political leaders shows the hindu religion is drawbacks for the developmental activities. Among the different religion, many Neplease people are based upon the hindu religion.

But our political leaders inorder to respect our culture and diversity, they are making themselves as a propaganda to the hindu religion as for the backward in developmental activities.We  can see the big mountain in Nepal called Mt . Everest which is motivate for the tourisim sectors and development ,Gautum Buddha was born in Nepal which is in place called Lumbini. Various religious place and heritage sities , where the political leaders are not focousing on the conservation, protection, and development of our cultural heritage and tourism industry and giving negative impacts and bleming to hindu religion.

Many Neplease citizen used to faced always problems of pollution in cityarea which badly affected to health of people, where the government are not giving time in those sectors they are busy when the prime minister of India came to Nepal at that time period only, they are focusing other time bleming to the hindureligion . Nepal is rich in water resources still people are facing the scarcity of water. There is potentital to produce 83000 MW hydroelectricity , where the development in Nepal? This thing is not happened by being hindu religion because of corruption, political instability, not proper utilizations of resources, not enough capital and others.

Many youths of Nepal who are the nation builder are going for the foregin opportunity and employment not because of hindu religion because of proverty, unemployment, discrimination among people,lowstandered of people and many others reasons for the back wardness of Nepal. Ours respected leaders where is the employment opportunity in Nepal? All these issues are came for blaming hindu religion due to uneducated people and negative propaganda for society. While commiing in this 21 century , we people are not blind in such cases of negative propaganda leads by some leaders of nation. We people should should became aware of such activities and try to slove the problems of society in a positive way.

So well any religion whether Buddhisim, Hindu, Christian or mushlim we should fell the national unity, religious tolerance and harmony among the people. Obviously this things brings sustainable development in nation.There may not be any chances of religion conflict war in nation. While moving ahead without any discrimination and conflict between political parties and for our religion leads lots of development in every nation not only Nepal because political and religion issue is the main root of conflict for every nations many times which we can see when we look to history of world.

Focusing to all people we are lucky to live in beautiful world being happy and enjoying try not to destroyed it on the name of political parties and the name ofreligion.A

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